Airplanes, buses, taxis, the metro and guaguas. Everything you need to know.



A visual guide to Santo Domingo and the Colonial Zone.



What to do, where to go and who to call in the event of an emergency.


Money and Tipping

The Dominican peso, currency exchanges, negotiating and tipping.


Safety and Health

How to ensure a safe and healthy visit to Santo Domingo.


Practical Info about Santo Domingo


This short guide provides practical information for tourists traveling to Santo Domingo. It covers the most common questions and concerns that tourists have when visiting the city. The recommendations in this guide will help you to more fully enjoy your trip. They will also show you how to avoid problems and what to do if they occur.

Learn the best ways to get around in Santo Domingo, with information on the airport, taxis, buses, and guaguas. Find out what the safety and health issues are and how to respond if problems arise. Read about where to exchange money and how much to tip. Know what to do in an emergency and who to contact for help.