Colonial Zone Restaurants

Colonial Zone Restaurants

The Colonial Zone is famous for its excellent and quite diverse restaurants in beautiful historic settings. From traditional Dominican specialties to fine Italian dining, the Colonial Zone offers something exciting for all tastes.

Santo Domingo Restaurants

Santo Domingo City Restaurants

The modern city of Santo Domingo offers an incredible selection of fine and casual dining establishments. From the French haute cuisine of Paco Cabana to the traditional offerings at Lincoln Road, Santo Domingo really does have it all.


An Overview of Santo Domingo Restaurants


As the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo has many of the finest restaurants in the country. The city has a seemingly endless selection of restaurants that can satisfy any taste or budget. A trip to Santo Domingo provides a great opportunity to try delicious Dominican cuisine. If you are in the mood for something else, there a plenty of other options. The city has a wide range of restaurants serving international, Spanish, Italian, French and Oriental cuisine.
Both the Colonial Zone and the modern city offer fine dining options as well as more moderately-priced restaurants and lower-priced cafes. In general, the Colonial Zone restaurants tend to be more traditional, with restaurants serving Dominican, Italian, French and Spanish dishes in beautiful settings. Other areas of the city, particularly Naco, Piantini and Gazcue, have trendier restaurants that serve more adventurous creations.

The links below provide descriptions of a few of the best Santo Domingo restaurants. In a city with a population of more than 3 million people, there are of course many more options to choose from. Be sure to ask the concierge at your hotel for recommendations on nearby restaurants. There are many hidden gems serving amazing food at moderate prices.

This guide to Santo Domingo restaurants focuses on unique restaurants. The capital also has numerous international restaurant chains, including Pizza Hut, Tony Roma’s and T.G.I. Friday’s.

Finally, remember that Dominicans like to dress up when they go out at night. Dress appropriately when going to one of the better restaurants. Shorts are never appropriate and jeans should be avoided. Women should consider wearing a nice dress or skirt. If you are planning to go to an upscale restaurant, check to see if there is a dress code when you make a reservation.