10 Essential Things to Bring With You to Santo Domingo!

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What to PackThe Essentials

Our team has come up with a list of things that you REALLY should consider packing when visiting Santo Domingo. You will want to prepare for a tropical Caribbean climate, an active stay in Santo Domingo and its nearby beaches, and of course some down time when you just have to take a break.  Don’t wait until the last minute before you leave (or until you actually arrive) to get these essentials:



A travel guide can be extremely helpful both before you leave and once you finally arrive in Santo Domingo. Reading a bit about the history, culture and general layout of Santo Domingo and its famous UNESCO designated Colonial Zone can greatly increase your enjoyment of these areas. And once you arrive, the Dominican Republic travel guide can be a wonderful source of information about the best places in Santo Domingo to visit, to dine, to hear Bachata and Merengue music and much more.

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If you haven’t already experienced it, you should know that the Caribbean sun is hotter than what you are accustomed to at home. A hat can be a great way to help stay cool and avoid a sunburn. Choose something that suits your style and complements your clothing, whether it’s a baseball cap or a Panama hat. We have some suggestions that are particularly suited for the Caribbean!

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Swimsuit & Cover-Up

Even if you have not made plans to stay at the beach, bring a bathing suit. Better yet, bring two! The beaches at Boca Chica and Juan Dolio are close enough that you may want to just spend a morning or afternoon enjoying the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. Believe it or not, it can sometimes be difficult finding a nice bathing suit here, so pack at least one.

Light Clothing

Shorts and short-sleeve shirts seem to be the tourist uniform of choice, but it is not always the best option. Consider lengthier, light-weight options like long linen skirts and pants to help beat the sun and keep you cool while visiting the incredible sites of the Colonial Zone or people watching from one of the many cafes.

A Bag

You will be carrying things with you almost everywhere you go, so a good bag is essential. While backpacks are convenient, they can sometimes pose theft issues when worn on the back in populated areas.  A side-strap messenger bag with a side flap or zipped closure can serve as both a great city and beach bag.  Of course, a cute separate beach bag is nice too!

Sun Lotion, Sun Block and Moisturizer

Even if you are used to sun exposure, please remember to bring sun block, as well as your tanning lotion. Don’t forget, the Caribbean sun is stronger than it is at home. Also, bring an after tanning lotion/moisturizer and consider some aloe vera for soothing any burns.

Books & eBooks

Relaxing in your hotel room after sightseeing or maybe at one of the nearby beaches is a good way to recharge your batteries, so bring a couple of interesting books to read.

Consider eBooks as an alternative to paperback editions. They are easier to carry and eco-friendly.

Kindle or Tablet

A Kindle, iPad or perhaps a Samsung tablet can be incredibly convenient on your trip to Santo Domingo. You can pre-load books, maps, videos and lots more information before you leave. If your device also has WiFi or 3G, you can also search the internet, upload photos and more during your trip. A very handy item that will enhance your enjoyment of the trip!

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You will definitely want to include a camera on your trip to Santo Domingo, the Colonial Zone and the nearby beaches. Recording some of the most memorable attractions and events of your life is of course an essential part of any trip. You may want to consider a disposable camera or maybe even something waterproof if you plan on making the beach and Caribbean Sea your primary playground!


An absolute essential! The Caribbean sun is strong and very bright. Bring good quality UV protection sunglasses. You will not regret it!


Oh, and by the way, don’t forget your passport!