La Caleta Underwater National Park

La Caleta, Santo Domingo diving
La Caleta Underwater National Park is located just 22km east of Santo Domingo, off the coast of Boca Chica. Considered one of the best diving areas in the Caribbean, the park measures approximately 12 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of 180m.

La Caleta has coral reefs that attract a multitude of brightly colored fish, as well as an underwater network of meandering Karst caverns and tunnels that more experienced divers can explore. The park also has three sunken ships (20th century) that add interest to diving in the area. Finally, La Caleta also has an underwater sculpture exhibit whose theme is the Taino culture (Pre-Colombian inhabitants of the island).

Reef Check República Dominicana, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation, scientific investigation and sustainable management of coral reefs and coastal ecosystems, offers organized diving excursions in La Caleta at reasonable prices.
809-227-4409/ 829-278-4874

Juan Dolio

Juan Dolio also offers fantastic wreck diving opportunities. One of the best sites is the Tanya V, which was sunk in 1999 to create an artificial reef. The vessel lies on a sand bank at depths of around 22-34m and is ideal for experienced divers. The wreck has already attracted marine life, including barracuda.

Another wreck diving site in Juan Dolio is the Alto Velo, a small tug boat located between Juan Dolio and Boca Chica. This wreck is covered with coral and attracts a wide variety of fish and marine life, including Moray eels.

In addition, Juan Dolio dive centers offer diving trips to Isla Catalina, which has some of the best dive sites in the Dominican Republic.

One of the longest-established companies offering diving tours out of Juan Dolio is Neptuno Dive.

Neptuno Dive (next to the Barceló Capella resort)
Telephone: 809-526-2005

Cave Diving

Santo Domingo diving opportunities are not limited to reefs and wrecks. Some dive centers also offer cave diving excursions for those looking for a new adventure. Explore some of the fascinating cave networks located in the Santo Domingo area. Cave diving sites in the area include Roca Cueva, Cueva Taina, El Hipódromo, Los Jardines Orientales and El Tildo.

Diving Centers

Neptuno Dive

Juan Dolio (next to the Barceló Capella resort)
Telephone: 809-526-2005

Golden Arrow Technical Diving Center

Calle Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 10, Local No 1 (Naco)
Santo Domingo
Telephone: 809-566-7780