Santo Domingo bars

Santo Domingo Bars

The opportunities for enjoying a beer or cocktail in Santo Domingo range from quiet upscale wine bars to fun, crowded bars with live music.

Santo Domingo dance clubs

Dance Clubs

Santo Domingo offers endless opportunities for dancing, with music that ranges from merengue, salsa and son to pop and hip hop.

Santo Domingo casinos

Santo Domingo Casinos

Santo Domingo has plenty of casinos to choose from, offering baccarat, roulette, craps, blackjack, slot machines and much more.

Santo Domingo Nightlife Overview


From casinos and bars to dance clubs, Santo Domingo is a city that comes alive at night. Santo Domingo nightlife options include everything from cozy bars for romantic evenings to trendy clubs where you can dance until dawn. The opportunities to enjoy live music are seemingly endless, with merengue, bachata, jazz, son, salsa, pop, rock, hip hop and reggaeton bands performing in bars and clubs throughout the city. Each bar and night club has its own personality, so look around to find the right place for you.

If you are interested in a more ‘authentic’ experience, stop by one of the city’s many colmados. These small grocery stores become lively neighborhood watering holes at night, serving local beer and cranking up the Latin music.

Santo Domingo also has plenty of casinos if you like gambling. They all have different atmospheres, so check out more than one to find a good match.