The main emergency number is 911.


Politur is a special police force created to assist tourists. The phone number is 809-222-2026 / 685-0508. They also have an office on Calle El Conde at the corner of José Reyes.

Medical Emergencies

The best emergency room near the Colonial Zone is Clinica Abreu. This private clinic is located about 15 minutes away by car. The fastest, easiest way to get there is by Taxi (Apolo Taxi: 809-537-0000, Lino Taxi: 809-687-3333). If the victim is unable to travel by taxi or requires medical treatment en route, call the private ambulance service Movimed (809-532-0000). You will be expected to pay cash for the ambulance when you arrive at the hospital. If you do not have cash, drop off the victim then ask the driver to take you to the nearest ATM.

If the victim needs to be admitted to the hospital after emergency treatment, you will need to pay a deposit of approximately $750 (cash or credit card).


Santo Domingo has numerous 24-hour pharmacies. Just call a taxi (Apolo Taxi: 809-537-0000, Lino Taxi: 809-687-3333) and ask the driver to take you to the nearest one.


British Embassy

Ave 27 de Febrero 233, Edificio Corominas Pepin
Telephone: 809-472-7111

Canadian Embassy

Av. Winston Churchill 1099, Torre Citigroup in Acrópolis Center, 18th floor
Telephone: 809-262-3100

French Embassy

Calle Las Damas 42
Telephone: 809-695-4300

German Embassy

Calle Gustavo Mejía Ricart 196 (corner Av. Abraham Lincoln), Torre Piantini (16/17th floor)
Telephone: 809-542-8949 or 809-542-8950

Italian Embassy

Calle Rodriguez Objio 4
Telephone: 809-682-0830

United States Embassy

Cesar Nicolas Penson, corner of Leopoldo Navarro
Telephone: 809-221-2171