souvenirs Santo Domingo_200w_pThe Colonial Zone has a large number of gift and souvenir shops to choose from. They are mostly located on Isabel la Católica and El Conde, but are found on other streets as well. While at first glance many of the shops may appear to have similar merchandise, they often offer unique craft and jewelry items, as well as artwork. Dig around a bit to find that perfect gift or souvenir. Prices are frequently negotiable, so don’t be shy about asking for a discount.

There are literally dozens of stores offering great souvenirs. The two listed below have the largest selection.

Mercado Modelo

Located a few blocks north of the Colonial Zone, this market is a souvenir shopper’s paradise. It has everything from jewelry, carvings and paintings to t-shirts, bags and mugs. There are lots of great items here if you take the time to look. All prices are negotiable, so be ready to haggle. Dress down to get a better deal and to avoid unwanted attention in the not-so-great neighborhood where the market is located.

Av. Mella between Tomás de la Concha and Del Monte y Tejada

Columbus Plaza

Located across the street from Parque Colón, Columbus Plaza has a whopping three floors of gifts and souvenirs. The experience can be overwhelming, but if you need a lot of gifts and are not in the mood to haggle at the Mercado Modelo, this store is bound to have what you’re looking for. The store is occasionally packed with a busload of souvenir shoppers. If you happen to arrive at one of these times, it is best to take a break in one of the nearby cafes and try again after the crowd moves on.

Calle Arzobispo Meriño 204
Telephone: 809-689-0565